Bug Reporting

Who can report a bug?


  • Cybera & PIMS


  • Callysto creator (content creator / curriculum expert - professor, teachers etc)

  • Callysto developer (Student developers)

  • End users - Students, Teachers

Where can they report a bug?

  • Internal bug tracking - JIRA.

  • External bug tracking - Bugs can be reported by creating an issue on the Github repo.

How to report a bug?

  • Three important aspects of bug reporting in general are:

    • Brief description of the bug, with steps on how to reproduce it.

    • Expected result

    • Actual result

  • When writing down the steps to reproduce a bug,

    • It would be helpful to note down the environment details like web browser or other system information if thats relevant. Also, note down general details like name of the notebook, section of the notebook where you find the error, etc.

    • Add screenshots if possible and only if it adds to the explanation. Please note, for external bug reporting, screenshot uploads are not available natively in Github, therefore you may want to consider hosting your image and linking to it via imgur or your host of choice.

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