Software tools - Eat Your Own Dogfood

"Eat your own dogfood" means that, as developers, we should be using the same tools we are developing for our clients. (The slogan originates with Microsoft.)

For the Callysto project, the tools we want Callysto creators and developers to use are:

  • Jupyter notebooks, accessed on the hub.

  • Python, Markdown, and HTML/Javascript programming languages for coding.

The advantages of using our our own tools are manifold:

  • Content will work as expected across platforms.

  • Machine independent performance.

  • Universal development environment.

  • Single platform to maintain.

However, some of the disadvantages of this approach include:

  • Constant internet access is required.

  • Server hosting the hub needs to be constantly available.

  • Packages you have locally will need to be installed on the hub.

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