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Educational Resources

These resources are very important as the curriculum modules chosen for development are from the current K-12 Alberta curriculum. Although Alberta is currently undergoing a curriculum review, the modules selected for development are core learning concepts (e.g. functions in math) that will apply to future curriculums. If you want more information about the curriculum module you are developing, please visit the links below.

Alberta Curriculum for K-12

Parent expectations, Alberta

Educational Resources for Children and Teachers

These resources were suggested to us by a group of K-12 teacher advisors. They contain information that is relevant to the development of Jupyter notebooks for the classroom.

Curated collection of educational resources sorted by grade and resource type.

Collection of hundreds of lesson plans and learning activities for BC teachers sorted by grade subject and resource type.

Jupyter for kids

How To teach Python To kids

Usborn book: Python for kids

Interactive resources for teachers (grades 4-6)

Book: Doing Math with Python”

Notebook Examples

Jupyter in the Classroom

Question about using Jupyter notebooks at school

Example notebook for grade 6 Math

Interesting Jupyter Notebooks with Classroom Relevance

Gallery of interesting Jupyter notebooks

More interesting Jupyter notebooks


Callysto Shorts Jupyter Book of commonly used code in our notebooks.

Textbooks and conversion

Useful blog on Jupyter notebooks

"A better way to code" by the creator of D3

Reference cells in markdown

Javascript to Python communication

Lecture notes on Jupyter and Python written in part by Fernando Perez, the creator of Jupyter.

Jupyter modules

Learn Python

Learn Python with Python Challenge

Interactive Python tutorials

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python

Python interactive widgets

Information Visualization

Color brewer to select your color schemes.

Basics you should know.

Further reading on infovis techniques.

Perceptual edge is a treasure trove of infovis.

A gallery of concept visualizations.


Please only list databases we are actively using or plan to use.

Authorized learning resources database, Alberta

Alberta open data (school related)

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