Online Resources

The Callysto Server

You can create and run your Jupyter notebooks using the callysto server that is maintained by Cybera and PIMS. Just click here:

Log in using your Google ID. Note you should stick to one ID, as each instance of an ID will give you a separate server, with separate file storage. Usually you want to keep all your code in one place, so use only one ID.

The Callysto GitHub Repository

This is where we post our public demos, notebooks, etc.

The Callysto Shorts Jupyter Book.

Contains examples of commonly used code in our books for interactivity and visualizations.

Callysto Shorts Jupyter Book

The Private Callysto GitHub Repository

This is where we post our private demos, for discussion and improvement before release.

Jira Project Management Tool.

This is where we track what stories we are working on for the development sprints.


This is where we quickly communicate and collaborate. Please get added to this if you are not already.

Intro to Syzygy

This is a related Jupyter project from PIMS, Cybera and Compute Canada.

Jupyter Notes

More about the Jupyter project.

Markdown Language Notes

Some useful Markdown Language tips.

Git Notes

Some useful GitHub tips.

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