Developer Contacts

Project Manager, Byron Chu [email protected]

  • adds you to Jira

  • leads sprint meetings

  • if you are uncomfortable contacting your other team leaders for any reason please address your concerns with Byron

Lead Developer, India Heisz [email protected]

  • general inquiries

  • help with code

  • questions about the project

  • mathbox questions

  • adds you to github

  • developer team maintainer

Senior Developer, Eric Easthope [email protected]

  • nbplus maintainer

  • leads work on Callysto coding extensions

  • D3 questions and D3 code help

Site Directors

University of British Columbia (Vancouver), Michael Lamoreux [email protected]

  • coordinates meetings for all sites

University of Calgary, Cristian Rios [email protected]

University of Lethbridge, Sean Fitzpatrick [email protected]

University of Manitoba, Kirill Kopotun [email protected]

University of Saskatchewan, Gary Au [email protected]

University of British Columbia (Okanagan), John Braun [email protected]

University of Victoria, Anthon Quas [email protected]

Simon Fraser University, Cedric Chauve [email protected]

PIMS Headquarters, Jim Colliander [email protected]