Developer Contacts

Project Manager, Byron Chu

  • adds you to Jira

  • leads sprint meetings

  • if you are uncomfortable contacting your other team leaders for any reason please address your concerns with Byron

Lead Developer, India Heisz

  • general inquiries

  • help with code

  • questions about the project

  • mathbox questions

  • adds you to github

  • developer team maintainer

Senior Developer, Eric Easthope

  • nbplus maintainer

  • leads work on Callysto coding extensions

  • D3 questions and D3 code help

Site Directors

University of British Columbia (Vancouver), Michael Lamoreux

  • coordinates meetings for all sites

University of Calgary, Cristian Rios

University of Lethbridge, Sean Fitzpatrick

University of Manitoba, Kirill Kopotun

University of Saskatchewan, Gary Au

University of British Columbia (Okanagan), John Braun

University of Victoria, Anthon Quas

Simon Fraser University, Cedric Chauve

PIMS Headquarters, Jim Colliander

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